Gator Gang is headed TO Earth!

8,888 unique collectible Gators from the team that has donated $3.7M+ to worthy causes.

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Your Gator is your membership card

Exclusive perks and access for our Gators, at an unbeatable price. This is NFTs done right.

Top Gator Sales

Exclusive pre-sale whitelist access for all future NFT collections (No Gator? No whitelist!)

Exclusive Access to Gator Gang VIP Club in the TCGWorld Metaverse + future in-game utility

Early access and testing of future tech products

Access to exclusive Discord roles, badges, & channels

Multiplier of future Spark in-app earnings

Affordable, low gas fees, and carbon negative

Brought to you by a fully doxxed team that’s donated over $3.7M to charity

Meet The Squads

Chill Squad

Junk food, comfy clothes, good music... these Gators know how to relax!

Adventure Squad

Heroes! Villains! These Gators are always looking for a way into danger... and then a way out of it!

Love Squad

These Gators just want to spread the love. Love for the planet, love for each other - they make everyone feel warm and fuzzy!

Space Squad

While most would call the void of space terrifying, these Gators call it home. Some claim they’ve been through a wormhole and lived to tell the tale!

Business Squad

These Gators have an innate talent for working their way up the corporate ladder, and they always look fancy while doing it!

Bling Squad

Some are obnoxious, some are sohpisticated, but no one denies that these Gators don’t draw attention with their diamonds and crypto!

Party Squad

Now these Gators truly know how to live it up! Beaches, raves, seafood restaurants... they can turn any time into a good time.

Misfit Squad

Not all Gators fit in, which is why these ragtag Gators have made a squad all their own! There’s some strange characters in here...

Legendary Gators

Plenty of unique, custom Gators are lurking within the collection! Mint for your chance to receive one, and join the Discord for all the reveals. The Legendaries gain an exclusive status in the Discord!

Pre-Sale Whitelist

Gain early access to the collection at an exclusive low price!

  • Whitelist Limit: 1000 slots!
  • #TeamSeas NFT holders gain automatic whitelist
  • Pre-Sale Price: $30 USD*
  • Public Sale Price: $75 USD*

* You will need BNB to purchase the NFTs. At the time of sale date announcement, we will peg the price to the equivalent in USD.

Top 3 Whitelist Contestants

Win a LEgendary Evolved Gator!

Road Map

Phase 1: Sneak Peeks

Tune in to our Discord and claim the NFT Collector role to get notified of all the suprises along the way.

Phase 2: Whitelist Contest

We’ll host a referral contest- the more people you get into our discord, the more points you get! The top 1000 contestants will earn a spot on the whitelist!

Phase 3: PR & Promotions

We’ll be launching marketing about Gator Gang in all the usual spots, and telling the world about the cool stuff we’re doing. We’ll also be giving away some WL spots!

Phase 4: Pre-Sale Countdown

We’ll officially announce the time and date of the pre-sale about 1 week in advance. Last chance to get on the whitelist!

Phase 5: Pre-Sale Goes Live

The pre-sale will go live, and newly minted gators will start arriving on Earth! New members will be granted their exclusive Discord access and roles.

Phase 6: Main Sale

48 hours after the pre-sale, we’ll open it up to everyone!

Phase 7: Giveaways & Rarity Tables

We have lots of fancy Gators looking for a good home! Don’t miss these giveaways! We’ll also be releasing the rarity tables and a rarity checker bot in the Discord.

Phase 8: Future Collections

We’ll reveal more details about future NFT collections - you can read more about the next one below.

The Elongate Prestige Collection

Physical. Digital. Phygital. In celebration of our first year of work and over $3.7M donated, owners of this exclusive prestige NFT will also receive a high-quality physical currency note shipped to their home.

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Meet the Gator Creators

Alex Gambon

Brand Director

Hasan Aziz

Tech Director

Brian Lobeda

Creative Director

Jordi Bolle

Asset & Marketing design

Fernando Marques

Motion Design

Artem Stotskyi


Francesca Popa

Social Media

Kara Hertzog

Social Media

Alex Macedo


Mentor Elezi


Osman Elezi


Alex Wang


Evan Johnson


Aaron Petrungaro